Friday, February 1, 2013

An assessment

These, you might recall, are my writing goals for 2013.  Let's see how I'm doing, shall we?

1.  Getting serious about sending the first few chapters of a YA mystery out there.
(Okay.  I've been wearing my serious face.  I'm all serious about this.  Serious, serious, serious.  And, actually, I have experienced some movement here.  So, score!)

2.  Developing an idea for a middle grade series--and speaking of middle grade, maybe starting a novel suggested by an experience my friends and I had while walking Hadrian's Wall.
(Have thought a little about this.  Have kind of an idea, which is better than nothing at all, right?)
3.  Publishing something (things?) online and seeing where that takes me.
(UGH.  I still want to do this.  But since learning how to turn on my own TV was a major milestone for me in 2012, this one will be hard.)
4.  Writing a column for the Trib every week and keeping it fresh.
(Don't know how fresh it is, but yes.  I've provided the Trib w/ a column every week.)
5.  Developing one magazine story a month and seeing if I can sell it.
(Have an idea.  Have started a story.  Barely.  Gotta get this one on my radar more.)
6.  Blogging every day for the year of 2013.

(YES!  I WIN!)


Lisa B. said...

Listen, I think getting through January still standing and with some sense of purpose intact is a huge victory. So I say you win on all counts, and look at you, being all accountable? I predict you are going to crush all of these goals in the year 2013.

Louise Plummer said...

This is an extraordinarily ambitious list, but I suspect that if you can write the list, you can also accomplish the task. Onward and upward!

Emily said...

You inspire me.

Melody said...

What Emily said.

365 days. Wow. You go, Ann.

Jeanna Stay said...

Wow indeed. Amazing!