Thursday, February 14, 2013

I am having a very odd experience right now

The wi-fi connection in the condo is spotty, so I often head over to McDonald's (aka "my office") to get online.  Because it's morning, I am surrounded by the regular let's-have-some-coffee-and-chat crowd.    My first impulse was to think, "These guys are old.  Old guys who golf a lot."

But now I am looking at them and thinking that possibly we're the same age.  I COULD BE THE SAME AGE AS OLD PEOPLE IN ST. GEORGE.

Seriously.  If someone looked at me and Ken they would think we were part of the regular let's-have-some-coffee-and-chat crowd.

This.  Is disturbing.  I won't lie.  Because on the inside I am still in my early 30's.



Anna said...

I often feel that disconnect between what the calendar says my age is and what I feel like in my head. My brain still thinks I am in college (or just graduated). It feels weird.

Emily said...

I think this is normal. I'm still seventeen.

radagast said...

You do seem to be spending more and more time down there. . . . I think of Seinfeld's parents in Florida. Do you wear sweaters, even in the summer? Do you eat dinner at 4:00? Come back to us, Ann. Up north, here, we do not go gentle.

Verification word? Awsteam. My new nickname.

wjmom said...

Five words: You. Are. In. St. George.

That is all.


The 18-year-old me

James said...

Sounds like you are having a Hot Tub Time Machine experience in St. George. OK, maybe not. I know St. George appeals to the "mature" set (which you are not a part of...but that doesn't mean you are immature), and the whole geriatric hot tub scene seems a little icky, the important detail I want to know is what did you order at McDonalds?

Angie said...

I "chaperoned" the Yule Ball for the library a few weeks ago and wondered about halfway through, when I became the old person standing in the back of the room.

Louise Plummer said...

Double your age. You're not MIDDLE-AGED anymore. You are into "young old age." Then comes "middle old age," and then comes "old age."

I read this in a book, so it must be true.

Lisa B. said...

what radagast said!