Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Poodle and Company

Here she is.  TRQ in the flesh, reading STAR Mag with The Poodle.  You know.  The Poodle whose pillow I accidentally tried to sleep on one night.  Well!  He certainly showed me!  

Anyway, I posted this picture on fb yesterday and love it so much I had to put it here.  This woman is just the best.  She asked what I wanted to do yesterday.  I said I didn't know.  What did she want to do, I asked.  Play a game of bananagrams, she said.  So we did.  She's a grand bananagram-er.  Partly because she knows a lot of real words.  Partly because she knows a lot of made-up words.

It's a blessing to be her friend.


Lisa B. said...

That picture is priceless. Is the poodle *also*, perhaps, reading Star magazine? We all have to have our hit of gossip, you know.

Emily said...

Thank you for posting a picture of TRQ. I LOVE her.

CSIowa said...

Bananagrams is a great game! In other word-game news, I have fond memories of going to my grandfather's house in Spanish Fork. He would play Scrabble against himself. I would show up and review the board, finding where he had cheated. Why did he cheat against himself? I never figured it out.