Sunday, February 24, 2013


Louise Plummer made an interesting comment to me about the Oscars:  in their eagerness to attract young viewers (hence the Seth Ugh Macfarlane choice), the show's producers seem to have forgotten that young viewers don't actually care that much about the Oscars.  It's not their deal.

They don't remember watching Barbra Streisand saying, "Hello, Gorgeous," or George C. Scott sending a Native American woman to protest the Academy for giving him the prize or Cher, in towering Vegas Show Girl headgear, telling everyone that she'd made an effort to dress like a serious actress.  

They don't have an institutional memory of these moments.   And they don't care.

Meanwhile, people who've watched the Oscars forever (like TRQ, for instance) feel left out.

Interesting theory, right?

Okay.  Gentlemen (and Ladies), start your engines . . .


Sandy Helm said...

Or Bob Hope and Johnny Carson being the hosts.

Ann said...