Friday, May 25, 2018

Memorial Day

I don't know exactly when Memorial Day became a holiday I own for myself, but it did.  I'm sure the fact that I watched my parents and grandparents decorate family graves with coffee cans (wrapped in tin foil) (also, where did all those coffee cans come from) full of snowball blossoms, peonies, and irises trained me up in the way I should go.

Anyway.  I spent time in Provo today, visiting East Lawn Memorial Cemetery where some of the people I loved best in this life are buried.  Dad.  Skinny and Louise.  Kenneth.  Becky.  While I was there I remembered something my granddaughter said when she was about four after her parents took her to the cemetery on Memorial Day.

"Hey!  Remember that garden we went to with the dead people?"

Yup.  Her parents are training her up in the way she should go, too.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Tink and Zora: a Tale (Tail?) of Two Newfs

So we've had two Newfs now.  There've certainly been similarities--lolling tongues, splendid natures, drool.  SO. MUCH. DROOL.

But in many ways they're very different dogs.  Zora was all "please just let me lie in the middle of this floor and pass myself off as a rug all day long."  Tink, on the other hand, is Tigger.  Which, when you think about it, a dog that weighs 130 pounds going all Tigger on you is pretty scary.

Anyway, the only way we could get Zora to move at times was to show her the vacuum cleaner.  She was terrified of it.  We didn't even have to turn it on.  As soon as I'd drag it into view, she'd shimmy her way up onto her thick brown legs and scram.  If you can call "lumbering," which is what she did, "scramming."  Tink, who fears nothing, has always had the opposite reaction.  Vacuum cleaner?  Whatever.  I could eat that old thing for a snack if I felt like it!

But then one day when I was vacuuming I got just a little too close to Tink and accidentally sucked her tail up.  SAD!  Ever since then she's kept a respectful distance between me and the sucking machine.

So there it is.  Another similarity after all.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Coach's Creed

First thing this morning my brother Jimmy sent me and my other brother (not Darryl) John a paragraph from a talk our father gave at a BYU Devotional the year after he retired.  It moved me because I saw him in these words.  I share it with you here.

"A friend shared with me this anonymous but profound creed that says it well.  I quote:

Remember to be gentle with yourself and others.  We are all children of chance, and none can say why some fields blossom while others lay brown beneath the August sun.  Care for those around you.  Look past your differences.  Their dreams are no less than yours, their choices in life no more easily made.  And give.  Give in any way you can, of whatever you possess.  To give is to love.  To withhold is to wither.  Care less for your harvest than for how it is shared, and your life will having meaning and your heart will have peace."

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Yanny vs. Laurel

Like Americans everywhere my family did the Yanny/Laurel thing today.  Some of us heard Yanny (including me).  Some of us heard Laurel (including not me).  So then some of us got scientific and explained via a family text thread that people who hear at a high frequency hear "Yanny."

"Oh," I said.  "I'm glad I hear at a higher frequency.  You know.  Like a dog."

Which got me thinking about all the ways that I'm like a dog.  To wit:

1.  I'm not picky when it comes to food choices.

2.  "Smell" is my most highly developed sense.

3.  I like to hang my head out the window when I drive a car.

4.  Sometimes I sit on Ken Cannon's lap.

I rest my case.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Big Life Questions I Am Having at 10:00 P.M.

1.  If somebody would deliver a hamburger to me right now--like, literally bring it to me in my bed--where would I want it to be from?  Crown Burger or In-N-Out?

2.  Why don't I care about this Royal Wedding AT ALL when I certainly cared about Charles and Diana and sort of cared about Kate and Wills?

3.  Why is NCIS Los Angeles still on TV?

4.  Why does L.L. Cool J look exactly the same after all these years?

5.  Also, is L.L. Cool J still a Republican?  Because I think he used to be.

6.  Why did I decide having three dogs was a good idea?

7.  If my Marco Polo app says someone is talking to me, does that mean they're really talking to me?  Or is someone just making a video and Marco Polo wants to trick me into thinking real people are talking to me?

8.  Why isn't there any Dr Pepper in the Smith's Express down the street from me?  I've been there three days in a row now and no one has restocked the cooler OR the shelves.

9.  When did I decide to start buying gnomes and putting them on my front porch like a crazy old cat lady?  Am I actually a crazy old cat lady?

10.  Why are there so many steamy TV shows set in hospitals?  Seriously, the LAST PLACE on earth I'd want to start full-on kissing a guy would be in a hospital.

Monday, May 14, 2018

And then I hear . . .

I woke up to the news that my editor Anna Cekola at the Salt Lake Tribune has been laid off, along with over thirty other staffers.  I've felt heartsick for everyone involved, as well as worried, frankly, about the future of responsible, carefully curated journalism.  Where is this all going?

(For the record, I do want to add that the remaining staff at the paper are true professionals who will give it their all to keep the Trib viable.)

So.  Anyway.  I've been sitting on my back porch, thinking about how completely crappy the world is and then just now I hear my neighbor Kathy in the next yard over playing with her three year-old grandson.  He laughs.  She laughs.  She laughs some more.  Delighted.

Thank you, Kathy.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Wow! I Just Walked Through My Childhood!

I'm sitting here at the airport in Raleigh, N.C., waiting to fly home after spending the past week helping Son #3 relocate to Greensboro where he'll be working in the school's athletic department.  We met his boss, Jody, who walked us through through the field house there and HOLY COW!  Suddenly I was little Ann Edwards, looking over the railing of the second floor Smith field house on BYU's campus.  It was all so familiar.  The photos!  The trophies!  The office spaces!  The views of a practice field!  The gyms and the weight rooms!


Oh, yes.  The aroma.  A heady mix of equipment and the scent of recent workouts.

Thanks for the memories, NCG!