Monday, June 22, 2020


I know there are areas in this state where people aren't wearing masks now, but in my neighborhood--the ultra-progressive Avenues of Salt Lake City--people still do. I also wear one when I go into stores (which isn't that often) but I will say I haven't gotten used to the sight of them. The whole scenario of people pushing carts around while wearing masks seems so surreal to me, so Twilight Zone-ish. And then there are the other mask-wearers' reactions. I tend to smile at strangers, who usually smile back. So there I am, still smiling and not eliciting a smile in return and then I go, "Oh yeah. We can't see each others' faces."

Such weird times.


Jim said...

I like your facebook inquiry. I wear a mask, but it is a new time. There has been a time or two when I have forgotten to wear a mask. Twilight zone-ish times indeed.

shelley said...

You could go for what my kids do: a Mandalorian helmet, an astronaut helmet, a cat mask...I definitely don’t think we adults are exploring all the creative options here.