Tuesday, May 28, 2019

How the experiment went

Well, obviously I didn't write a poem a day in April. And obviously my poetry skillz need some work. But I enjoyed myself so much I've decided to keep going a little. Writing tiny poems sharpens my focus as I move through my day. Thanks for your kind indulgence.

I noticed by accident that my cactus
            Was in bloom—studded by three
            Tiny flowers the color of rubies.
            But when I looked at it the next
            Morning they were already gone
            Like twilight on the mountains
            Like a sudden flock of cedar waxwings
            Like the glow of a full moon
            Like the scent of lilacs
            Like a wave on sand
            Like a snowflake on a windshield
            Like a white-winged butterfly
            Like the son you held not 
            Long ago in the bend of your arms.