Saturday, February 23, 2013

A column and a case where being overly conscientious bit me in the rear

So here's this week's column wherein I write about the wrestling.

When I first wrote the column, I referred to the old pro wrestler Krusher Kowalski.

But THEN--because I sometimes get details wrong when I do the memory thing--I got online and found INSTEAD a lot of stuff about Killer Kowalski.

So THEN I thought to myself, "Hmmmm.  I must have remembered wrong."

So THEN, because I am a responsible, highly decorated columnist (said decorations mostly being earrings), I changed the name.

So THEN I starting hearing from readers saying, "But wasn't it Krusher?"

So THEN I did a little more internet digging.

And YES.  It was Krusher.  Just like I originally thought it was.

I want to draw a moral from all this--something like "Trust your gut, because you're smarter than you think you are."

But really the only true moral I can draw is this--his name was Krusher.  Not Killer.

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Lisa B. said...

That is an awesome moral! So specific! I wish there were a way I could say "...and I am going to change the way I live my life because of that moral!" I will keep thinking about it--maybe there is. Krusher. Not Killer.