Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Is this God's way of saying . . .

. . . that I have been far too guilty of an innocent arrogance about my usual good health?  And that I need to be learned a lesson?   Is that why I have been having constant visitations of colds and stomach flus lo these many days since Christmas?  If that's the case, then I make a sacred vow not to be an innocent arrogant jerk about illnesses, okay?  UNCLE.

Anyway.  I'm in the grips of The Stomach Sick again, which kept me up most of the night watching MeTV, which (I think) is a local southern Utah station that shows old programs.  Last night at midnight, I watched an episode of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE--the later Barbara Bain-less and Martin Landau-less edition, which features Leonard Nimoy looking very happy to be out of his Spock outfit and Lesley Anne Warren playing another iteration of her patented "slutty barmaid in a short skirt" role.

I watched it with great affection--enjoying the clothes and cars, marveling at the lack of slick production values.  We have become very used to TV Slick, haven't we?  Really, it looked like someone was holding up a camera in the corner of the set and filming a high school play starring Peter Graves.

Anyway.  I wanted to work hard today and take advantage of the sun--storms rolling into here tomorrow--but I think I'll sip Sprite and eat crackers instead.


radagast said...

I've been happy to watch Colombo again on the MeTV.

But, the Sick. Sorry. Ick. Feel better soon. Double the Geritol?

Sara Z. said...

Great news: you can get MeTV right up here in SLC, too.

Louise Plummer said...

Kiss kiss.