Friday, February 15, 2013

Cupid meets the Zombie Apocalypse

I posted this on fb yesterday--a home-made, larger-than-life Cupid on somebody's front porch.   When I first saw it, I thought briefly that it was a real person in a red jogging suit, going all Katniss on me.  SCARY.  On closer examination, however, I realized it was a Valentine's Day decoration--a paper mache thing-y with a long blond Thor-ish wig and a heart headband.  Also, there are inset eyes (marbles maybe?) involved.  And striped socks.  And oh yeah.  A bow and arrow.  It looks like what Cupid would look like if he were doing a guest turn on THE WALKING DEAD.

It is remarkably disturbing.  And GREAT.

MORAL OF THIS STORY:  Sometimes I get all discouraged and down on my fellow human beings for being so damn predictable.  And then I see something like this on an elderly person's porch, and I just go, "Rock on, my fellow human beings.  Rock on."


Lisa B. said...

can you imagine, though, the start you'd get everytime you looked out the window or opened that door? I would be scaring myself every minute of the day, and that's the truth.

Julie Cannon said...

Want to hear something funny? Okay, well, when I first saw this, I thought you had dressed up in some crazy costume and were posing on the St George house's porch. I was so intrigued/creeped out! Next year's Halloween costume?