Saturday, February 9, 2013

red velvet shakes

So that right there is a red velvet shake that I bought yesterday for lunch.  It's a "mini" shake from the Iceberg.  I KNOW.  Based on the way we define the word "mini" alone, America is the greatest country in the world.  America is the Texas of nations.  (Even though I don't really dig Texas.)  (Sorry, my Texas relatives.)

Anyway, I had to have it because--you know.  It's red velvet.  And as some of you know I am obsessed with red velvet.  But like most things red velvet, it disappointed.   And in this case it disappointed profoundly.  Perhaps red velvet barely has an excuse to exist anyway.  And it certainly does not have an excuse to exist in the form of ice cream.

Please note that I included both a photo AND a link in this post.  I am becoming a blogging genius.


Lisa B. said...

food the color of red velvet anything scares me a little. pretty, but scary, like angelina jolie, maybe.

wjmom said...

There are some things that should just not be ice cream. Red velvet and pumpkin top the list.