Monday, February 18, 2013

Messy Middles

Dear Middle Part,

Dude!  Why you gotta be so hard to write?

I've been in deep hiding, working on this book for almost two weeks now.  I think the beginning is  . . . solid.  And the ending?  KILLER!  But the middle?  Not so sure.

I kinda feel like I'm going yadda, yadda, yadda, blah, blah, blah, so on and so forth, BUT WAIT UNTIL YOU GET TO THE END, EVERYBODY!

Maybe it's not as terrible as all that, you know?   We often feel bad about what we've written shortly after writing it, only to be surprised later on.  Hey, we say.  This isn't total crap.

But still.

All you writers out there--how do YOU deal with messy middles?  I'd appreciate suggestions to help my book 's middle wind up with some rock solid book abs.


James said...

I have no experience on writing a novel, but I am a lawyer, so basically, I am entitled to an opinion on everything. Based on past successes, however, I imagine that you have been here before, and you will get through it. Sometimes I feel like I have the messy middles when I am preparing a an opening statement or cross-examination. Here is one thing that helps me break the mental logjam. I step away, listen to music, read the paper or a magazine, maybe eat a burrito, drink a Diet Dr. P, and then go back. Sometimes the random thoughts and "wanderings" off topic lead me to me to connective thoughts the cure the messy middles.

Emily said...

Oh. I'd go with James' advice and eat a burrito and drink a DP. My advice was not nearly as helpful or delicious.

Kim Woodruff said...

Remember when you taught us about affirmations? Maybe if you keep reminding yourself about the things that are going right, it'll help you push through the draft.

I heard Lisa Mangum speak once. She said for one of her books she brainstormed with people who knew her story. They listed all the worst possible things that could happen to her character, and then she made most of them happen. She said it really strengthened her plot.