Saturday, February 16, 2013

This is for Radagast

Me in St. George.  Knitting a sock.  With a blanket.  And one of those neck things you heat up in the microwave.

It's true.  I have turned into Jerry Seinfeld's parents.


Lisa B. said...

And yet there you are, lovely and charming. No matter *what* you're knitting.

I had not heard of the neck things. Clearly I'm behind the times.

radagast said...

Oh my. I didn't realize it had come to this. Is that your tip calculator next to you? Of course I'm just feeling snarky because I'm not in St. George. Maybe sleeping on the fold-out bed. Anywho. As Lisa says, you are rocking the track suit and golf cart set. Good luck with your election to Condo Board Queen!

Louise Plummer said...

You're hair is so much better than Seinfeld's mother.