Thursday, February 7, 2013

TRQ and the ginger snaps

So here's something TRQ has done ever since I was a little girl.  You'll be sitting in a room together, possibly along with other family members, and suddenly she'll go, "Would anybody here like a Snickers bar?"

I know.  That sounds like she's offering free Snickers bars.  But actually it's code for "I want a Snickers bar.  Somebody go get one for me, please."

Anyway, on the way to St. George yesterday she called.

TRQ:  Are you still planning on joining us in St. George tomorrow?

Me:  Why, yes I am.  I need to get out of here before my lungs collapse and leave me lung-less.

TRQ:  And while we're on the subject, is that new Trader Joe's close to your house?

Me:  Yes to that, too.

TRQ:  Your dad is craving some gingersnaps from Trader Joe's.  Will you pick some up for him, please, and bring them to St. George?

Okay.  Like his sons and daughter, the Coach does love his food.  But I seriously cannot imagine him driving down 1-15 and saying to TRQ, "Hey, you know what I'm craving?  Some gingersnaps."

I do have an idea who might be craving them, though.


radagast said...

Book pitch: "The Uproarious Reign of the Rodeo Queen." I'd read that.

Emily said...

Well I'm definitely craving them now. Guess I'm making a stop at Trader Joe's today.

Louise Plummer said...

I'm with the queen on this one: "You know what WE need? WE need some chocolate pudding cups." Translation: Tom, go get us some chocolate
pudding cups."