Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Red Velvet, Cold Stone ice cream, and other things

My friend Anne recently said to me that I remind her of the kind of person who gets up first thing in the morning and plans what she's going to eat that day.  And I said I remind her of that kind of person, because I am that kind of person.  For instance, I am meeting a former student at the Olive Garden for dinner tonight, and I am debating whether I should get ravioli or that sausage thing.

Well, I'll probably get that sausage thing.

Anyway, I've also been thinking about how some things just have never tasted as good as they did the first time I tried them.  You know.  Like Red Velvet.  I've written about that.  I think I'll also add Cold Stone ice cream.

The first time I ever had it, Ken Cannon and I were in Phoenix, going to spring training games, and we stopped off for a little ice cream.  I'm not a big ice cream person, but wow.  I did back flips all the way to the stadium after eating that ice cream because it was sooooo good.  However, whenever I've done the Cold Stone thing again, it's never been that awesome.  It's jsut been . . . ice cream.

Why is that, Oh ye Food Gods?  I would like an answer, please.

Have you had a similar food experience?  With what, specifically?


Bonnie White said...

Crab legs. Succulent, rich and oh so delicious the first time and now it's just crab legs and I pass on them.

James said...

In-N-Out. Obsessed about the double-double after the first time--which happened to be in Barstow, CA--but now, not so much. Still a good burger, but not in my top five.

Lisa B. said...

Kung pao shrimp. I still like it, but there was a period when I was absolutely obsessed and ate it at every opportunity. Now...I lament that I feel that way about almost no food these days. Potato chips, maybe--I still heart potato chips. That is tragic.