Thursday, September 19, 2013

This is a pirate selfie

I'm not good at taking pictures of myself.  If I were, more than half of my lips would be showing.  OBV.  Anyway, it's National Talk Like a Pirate Day, and apparently my Pirate Pete and Pirate Joe books are on some pirate-type website, WHICH IS AWESOME.  I feel incredibly famous now, which is why I'm going around taking pictures of myself like I'm a damn Kardashian.  Without a lower lip.  No self-respecting Kardashian would forget to wear her lips in public.  ALSO OBV.

Anyway.  I am skyping with two schools in Iowa today, where I'll be speaking like a pirate to them.  I love Iowa.  Today Iowa is my favorite state.



radagast said...

Things that Ann rocks: the pirate patch, the lipless selfie, Iowa, my world.

Bonnie White said...

I like the earring too. I thought all the pirates spoke Chinese now.

Jeanna Stay said...

You arrrrre always so delightful.

Lisa B. said...

I just figured you were going for an ironic, hipster-pirate half-smirk there. It was entirely persuasive to me. Also: good lipstick!