Friday, September 20, 2013

What I thought this morning

Maybe I'm giving myself more credit than I deserve, but I like to think that no matter where I may have ended up, I could have found the beauty in that place.

Okay.  You're right.  I didn't do that in Finland.  But I think that had more to do with where we were in our lives at that time.  It was just a tough go there.

But whatever.

The point is this--when I walked outside and looked at the mountains this morning, I was overwhelmed by the extravagance of it all.  The colors.  The textures and shapes.  The visual drama.  AND I LIVE HERE.   I can step outside and see it every day.  I'm so lucky to live here.


James said...

Love this blog. The Rockies this time of year are beautiful. It reminded me of Provo, stepping out the front porch, and seeing Squaw Peak. Being appreciative of where one lives and ones view, then reminded me of the joke Dad used to tell us when he and Mom were in New York. "Why are New Yorker's so grumpy?" Answer: "Because the light at the end of their tunnel is New Jersey."

Lisa B. said...

I agree entirely. I'm struck over and over and over how remarkable the world is here--how beautiful in every season. Thanks for the reminder.

Megan said...

I haven't thought of the mountains as am extravagance before, but they really are. An embarrassment of riches all around.

Jo Ann W said...

Just spent the weekend in Yellowstone. It was gorgeous, and the long drive was gorgeous. Watched Old Faithful do her thing a couple of times and I still got excited and even more delighted by the hundreds of people waiting in anticipation and awe. The applause at the end made me feel that all was right with the world. We heard so many languages, saw so many different faces. It warms my heart to know we can still pause from our busy lives and enjoy the beauty around (and how much we need to) Happy Autumn!