Sunday, September 15, 2013

The brain is such a mystery

Don't you agree?

Why is it that I can have periods where the ideas for columns just come billowing out of my brain--I mean I just can't write them down fast enough.  And then there are periods like the one I'm in now.  My brain has turned all petrified.  You could display said brain at an elementary school science fair with a poster that says, "Petrified Writer's Brain.  Cannot Conceive of Anything New to Say."

I did manage to write a column this morning for tomorrow's deadline.  But people it didn't come easy.


Donna said...

I have fallen down in my blog reading...your blogs make me the happiest because they are succinct, point oriented, funny, emotional, help me know what i am saying. But for whatever reason the publishing world has changed, the internet has changed us all too. Without the internet you and I wouldn't be friends which is one of my best blessings.
You reach people Ann, people love you...we are service oriented people because we are happiest when we serve. The service you have given is important, and appreciated. I love you...your whole heart, your mushy brain and eye for decorating.

James said...

I agree with Donna. Its probably good you have to work a bit harder for ideas now and then, It might explain why your writing is so crisp.