Monday, September 23, 2013


Do you have anything in your life that makes you unreasonably angry?

And by "unreasonably angry" I mean you realize your trigger is small and petty and entirely first world?  And you know your rage is completely out of proportion to the trigger?  But still?  There it is?

Well, I do.  Can you guess what it is?

If you said "Parking Meters in Downtown Salt Lake" you would be right.  I've written about this before, so in addition to being unreasonable, I am also being BORING.  But seriously, every time I tangle with one of those damn meters--and by "tangle with one of those damn meters" I mean see one through my windshield as I'm driving down the street, I feel my blood pressure shoot up like a bottle rocket through the sun roof.

For starters it bugs me that the price of parking on the streets has gone up.  And also now you can't park for free after 6:00.   And also you have to remember what your parking space number is as you look for the pay station.  Which is hard if your brain is old and reluctant to hang onto parking spaces numbers, which you don't see the point of anyway.

BUT WHAT I HATE THE MOST is that you can't draft off the coins the guy before you fed into the meter, because you have no way of telling how much time is left.  So even if there's an hour left, you have to pay for the space again.  Which makes me feel ripped off and pissed.

And now they've even put meters down Edison Street which is basically an alley where employees of Cedars of Lebanon go to smoke on break.

Oh, Mayor Becker.  There are eight paragraphs in this post.  Count them for yourself.  Eight of them.  I never write posts this long.  See what you have wrought?


Jo Ann W said...

Ooh, yes! Hate the meters and hate the weird parking down the middle of the streets so you feel like at any moment someone is going to back into you. It all adds to the stress of trying to enjoy an evening downtown in the restaurant area... As if they don't want customers!! Lets petition the mayor!

James said...

I don't like it that you can no longer draft off parking meters in big cities. Its like major collusion between cities to screw its citizenry out of few coins that we refused to give them in tax hikes during the last elections. I don't like it, but it doesn't really set me off. Here are a few of my unreasonable trigger points:

1. That Red Haired Gal from Wendy's commercials. I am not sure whether she is supposed to cute, cool, funny, or what, but this I do know: she is annoying. Plus its Wendy's...Sorry to offend, but seriously, Wendys?: Now that 's DECIDEDLY NOT better.

2. The people at our Taco Bell who say, "hey there, hi there, ho there, how ya doing out there?" at the drive-in. Who thought this was a good idea? Is it really going to upsell a crunchy taco on top of my order? Just give me the stupid bean and cheese burritos with green sauce and shut up.

Philsy C said...

Becker is such a homer.

Philsy C said...

Also... I'm totally with you on Wendy's, Jimmy. They used to be my favorite burger joint until they decided to replace the Big Bacon Classic with diarrhea on a bun. And the redhead girl is incredibly annoying. Wendy's just hemorrhages incompetence from menu decisions to advertising.

Yes. I feel very strongly about this.