Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Help a girl out

. . . by adding your own suggestions.  This week's column!


James said...

That is a good list, especially the doughnut part. Those of us living in the Desert Southwest (Hello, Donna), probably are more inclined to side with Ken and Thor. The weather is just starting to turn nice. Today is likely the last 100 degree day. I would like to freeze one of my veins and let it thaw through July, August, and September. I can't so unhealthy amounts of Diet Dr. P has to suffice. (my Humanity test to post this blog was "109 blishrs"; Sounds like a good idea, try 109 blishrs.)

Megan said...

Good books, a down comforter, a weekly trip to the cinema, and wool blend socks from Costco. These are the things that see me through January and February.

Lisa B. said...

Ugh, I just tried to leave this comment via Feedly and pfffff it was gone. I feel strongly enough about this topic that I am writing my comment, from scratch AGAIN because the good Lord knows you need another comment from me:

To wit, and including:

1. Soup
2. Sweaters
3. Baking like a madwoman
4. gorgeous light of all sorts, even if less of it.

Also, I have great plans to see a lot of you, which, even if it turns out never to be quite enough, it nonetheless cheers me up immensely to contemplate it.

Jeanna Stay said...

Kicking through piles of leaves. There's something so therapeutic about it--the rustling, the crunching sounds. I'm always excited for the piles of leaves (well, less excited now that I'm a house-owning adult and it means we have to rake them up; but still, crunchy leaves of happiness!).

radagast said...

Having trouble even thinking about another winter, but your post was truly helpful, Ann. I want to try to get into the mountains more regularly, this winter, so that it doesn't feel like nature ends once it snows.

Bruce Luck said...

I agree with Ken, cooler temps invigorate. Crisp autumn air, colorful leaves, the aroma of holiday dinners filling the house - bring it on.

BBB said...

I'm going to second Lisa's soups and also add warm drinks. Sometimes a cup of Hot Cocoa, Sweetened Tea, or Cider gives me a little lift.

Speaking of soups do you ever get Market Street's special during the winter. They sell a pint of their yum Clam Chowder and a loaf of sour dough bread as a take out item for something like $12. So delish. It becomes a regular in our meal rotation.

Twinkling Christmas lights.

St. George trips to escape the cold-cold.

Some people max out on Christmas music, I enjoy a couple good weeks of it and try and look forward to that.

Winter Picture Books.

Red carpet events on TV that come at the beginning of the new year.

Big movie releases that happen around the holidays.