Saturday, September 21, 2013

What I am grateful for today

That I will not be making any cookies next week for my kids' English teacher.

When my kids were at West High they always bet their English teacher a plate of homemade cookies that BYU would beat Utah.  Sometimes the English teacher bit.  Sometimes she didn't.  In fact, she only said GAME ON the years that Utah looked strong, which meant she always won, which meant I somehow ended up making cookies to teach my children to honor their bets.  And also to teach them that I would cover their stupid bets for them whenever they lost.

Yes!  Just call me the Enabler-in-chief!

Anyway.  As my granddaughter and I made chocolate chip cookies yesterday, I said a little prayer of gratitude that I did not have to share them with anybody who cheers for the U.

It was a good day.

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Lisa B. said...

As you know, I just don't get football, even though I have tried. But I hate hate hate it when BYU loses to the U. So there you go. I hope you and your granddaughters enjoyed all those cookies. The Ute fans can enjoy whatever it is they *do* enjoy, like feasting on the joy they have sucked from human souls? I'm just guessing.