Monday, September 30, 2013

A double-minded day

When I look out of the east window, the day's all sunny and hey-come-outside-and-play!  But when I look out of my west window, it's a little grayer, a little cloudier, a little more of a hey-eat-a-doughnut-and-go-to-bed day.

I'm feeling a little double-minded myself.  Should I stay here at the computer and work on my novel? Or should I, in fact, eat a doughnut and go to bed?  I'll try sticking with the computer.


radagast said...

Whether in bed or out, the doughnut for sure. Better yet, one out and one in.

Louise Plummer said...

Don't you think the weather has been creepy?

Lisa B. said...

Agreeing with radagast--doughnut as a reward for writing? or an incentive? or incentive *and* reward? And I also say to go outside and have some of that sun. It's good for your cells. And your brains.