Sunday, March 31, 2013

What I did for my birthday, remembering backwards . . .

--Went to bed at midnight, happy to be alive

--Watched a little basketball

--Ate at Crown Burger with husband, sons, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter

--Worked out in my yard ALL DAY LONG, with breaks provided by friends and family who came calling

--Made time for cake and pie breaks, too!

--Had breakfast with la Louise at Einstein's (lox!  on pumpernickel!)

--Went grocery shopping for Easter meal (pasta, green salad, asparagus, berries, pavlova)

--Woke up early, happy to be alive

Gorgeous weather.  One of my favorite birthdays ever.

Happy Easter!

1 comment:

Lisa B. said...

This sounds just about perfect. And it made ME happy to be alive. Happy birthday to you!