Thursday, March 28, 2013

Why, yes, I am delusional

I could be fooling myself, but I don't think vanity about my personal appearance is one of my besetting sins, although it would probably be awesome if I sinned a little bit more on this front and did a better job of not looking so half-assedly groomed.  This is important 411 for the brief story-ette that follows.

Yesterday I took our granddaughter to story hour at the public library (they do a great job there, btw), which meant I was hanging out with many young mothers.  And because I don't feel that old inside I did think to myself, maybe these ladies will think I'm one of them.  Like, yeah, here I am hanging out at the library with my pre-schooler just like the rest of you TWENTY-SOMETHING MOMS.

Which.  Okay.  Why would I even think something like that?  Other than the fact that I don't feel that old?

Anyway, as soon as the story was over, the mom sitting next to me smiled and said, "So is that your granddaughter?"

It was a very friendly reality check.  Which, apparently, I needed.

Thank you, Universe, for the reminder.


Anne said...

You do not look like a grandmother; you should have slapped her. OK, that may be too harsh; pinched her maybe

wjmom said...

I suffer from the same delusion. At least you really are a grandmother--I don't even have that consolation.