Wednesday, March 27, 2013

They coulda been a contender

So Sara's fabulous G-man suggested I try Schmidt's Pastry Cottage.

Schmidt's!  Brilliant!  I used to live next door to Schmidt's!   And it was just eclairs, eclairs, eclairs for me every day.  (And actually I don't really like eclairs that much.)

Anyway.  I went to Schmidt's, and when I saw those buns (with lemon pie filling-free crosses) I was in Bun Heaven because they looked perfect.  Only when I took a bite out of one, I discovered it was . . .  stale.  Maybe they were left over from last Easter?

Tragic!  I think the Shmidt's bunnage had the potential to be the best.  I may have to give them a second chance . . .

Also.  In unrelated news I am so, so tired these days.  Like, unnaturally tired.  Maybe chasing down hot cross buns all over this land is wearing me out.  And writing the column yesterday was exhausting.  It turned into a screed, which exhausted me, because screed-ing is always exhausting.

But screeds are good now and then, right?


radagast said...

Yes. Schmidt's croissants and eclairs at Trolley Square! My divorced-dad weekends with my kids always started there. How could they go wrong, after that?

Emily said...

Is there a link, yet, to the screed? Ans I'm sorry your search for hot cross buns has been less than perfect. Maybe you should try making them?

BBB said...

Have you tried the buns at Tulie Bakery? 863 East and 700 South. Their Morning Buns usually sale out before the morning is over because they are so delish. Seriously, go try that place, you'll probably hate me afterwards because Tulie's stuff is so good, you won't want to stop eating, and your own bun will grow and grow because you can't stop eating the buns and all the other yums they have.

Bonnie White said...

Ann I recently found an app called Pastry Paris which promises to be very helpful as we tour Paris in a few days. I was thinking about your search for the perfect hot cross bun and thought how you could build your own app.