Friday, March 15, 2013


I was going to blog a little about what I've seen here in D.C.  But I just received the news that my fabulous friend and neighbor of many years Sharon Kamerath passed away after a long and exceedingly difficult illness.

Sharon was funny, fiercely intelligent, opinionated, utterly faithful, strong-willed, energetic, surprising.  She was a giver, never a taker.  Over the years she showered me with love.  And she loved our boys, too.  Our fourth son, who was a handful when he was little, was a special favorite of hers.  For years she told the story about the time this son (he was maybe three or four yeasr old) walked out onto the porch on a glorious summer morning, surveyed the garden, and snarled, "SHUT UP, FLOWERS!" 

You would have to know Son Number Four.

And you would have to know Sharon to know why she found this so endlessly amusing.

RIP sweet, sweet friend.  I will miss you.

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Sarah said...

Thank you, Ann. She loved you.