Friday, March 29, 2013

Hey, Victoria's Secret! I'm talking to YOU!

Behold.  A righteous screed!


radagast said...

Aka: getting your panties in a bunch.

Robin said...

Yes! I just read it. Great column. VS, you are not fooling me.

We don't have TV, so we haven't seen the ads and we live forever from a mall so my kids haven't walked past VS, but it won't be that way forever.

Objectifying anyone is oh, so wrong.

Lisa B. said...

This is great.

I'm struck by the following statement:

>>a woman shouldn’t have to say yes in order to be loved

I think this applies to more than sex, and I think we should all think about how we often expect girls to be yes-sayers in a zillion ways. That's part of the problem, too. If you don't feel power in your life (not just your sexual life), you're more inclined to see the performance of your sexuality as one of the only ways to exert your will in the world.

VS, in other words, is only a symptom, imho.

Thanks for framing the issue and helping me think about it--great column. (p.s., that Amelia--what a smart person!)

Bonnie White said...

Ann it was a righteous screed. The VS mentality is currency lots of girls' use to buy their popularity. On a funny side my mother would always tell us when we left the house to make sure we had clean underwear. I have no idea why that was important to her.

Louise Plummer said...

Thank you for introducing me to the word, "screed," which I thought had to do with cement. What a fine word.

Rebecca said...

Well said.

Rebecca said...
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