Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Creating a writer's life

I think I've mentioned the conversation I once had with the lovely Claudia Mills who says too often we only treat ourselves like writers when we've published.  But if we write, we're writers.  Period.  And we can have writerly lives.  For example, she and her friends organized a little poetry reading for themselves and had a fine time.

I felt like I was having myself a writer's life last week when I met the lovely Sara Zarr for a writing date.  This is something Sara does fairly regularly--takes her computer to a coffee house and goes to work, sometimes joined by other writers.  It's fun and I at least end up being surprisingly productive because I can't divert myself with laundry and so forth.

Try it.  I'm guessing you'll be happy you did.


Lisa B. said...

this sounds awesome. I need to do it, if only with myself.

Emily said...

I often feel like this. As an unpublished writer, I find it hard to justify all the time it takes away from my mom chores and I feel guilty. This writing date sounds wonderful, though. I might have to try it sometime.