Monday, March 25, 2013

Biting buns (all over this land) (so you won't have to)

Yeah.  I should probably change that headline . . .

Anyway.  Report time.  I just got home from Harmon's and must report that I don't think those hot cross buns are as good as the ones you find at Backer's.  The bun part is quite nice.  But then they went and put big fat yellow crosses made out of lemon pie filling on top.  I think this is a criminal misuse of lemon pie filling.  There's a statute about this somewhere.  I'm sure of it.

I stopped at Granite Bakery on the way and discovered a package of 12 day-old buns.  I was tempted but decided not to commit to a relationship with so many day-old buns at once.  They looked good, though!

In spite of their advanced age.


Lisa B. said...

Lemon pie filling? That is horrible. Ruinously.

Louise Plummer said...

Jesus died for us so we could have Backer's hot cross buns.