Monday, March 25, 2013

Food obsession

So my little food obsession right now involves tracking down hot cross buns LIKE A BOSS.

You can only find them during the Easter Season, and did you know that when the English were all "Dude.  We hate the Pope," you could go to the Tower for baking hot cross buns?   So yeah.  It's not always easy to get your hot cross bun fix.  Especially in 16th-century England.

Backer's in Salt Lake makes a really nice little bun--soft and a tiny bit fruity.  Elizabeth's Bakery (part of the London Market) amps up the spice quotient in their buns, and I like them, too, although I still prefer Backer's.  Which is saying something.  I don't always want to like Backer's because what is it with their attitude there?  Sometimes I want to say to them it is not against the law to smile at your customers in America.

But whatever.

Today I am driving all the way out to freaking 33rd South because they have buns at Harmon's.  I called.   I first called the Emigration Harmon's, and they don't have them.  And yeah.  I don't know how to park at the Harmon's downtown, so I didn't even bother to dial up the bakery.

I'll report back.

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Lisa B. said...

When I saw your fb post about this, I felt seized with panic and joy, because (a) I know how to make hot cross buns, and (b) when will I ever? But (c) I'm sure I can figure out a time to do it. I'm sure! I can!

Please report by some or another means about the Harmon's H.C. Buns. Inquiring minds want to know.