Sunday, March 17, 2013

Suddenly . . .

I remember that it's Sunday!  And also I remember that I am blogging every day!

The truth is I'm so tired and so upside down and every which way from the last few days that I thought it was still Saturday somehow--although if it were still Saturday, Ken and I would still be in D.C.

Anyway.  It was a memorable few days, what with Ken Cannon being honored for his work and me tagging along to see him in a tux.  Highlights of the weekend included seeing Dylan, Julie and Lolo on their way home from NYC, as well as dinner with fabulous niece Sarah in Chinatown.

On a bus to Mt. Vernon I spoke with an older woman named Joan who was full of enthusiasm for everything--art museums, history, golf, her grandchildren, New York City, Florida, great jewelry, travel.  I felt like a slacker around her--someone who's happy to watch TV and eat potato chips (barbecue) instead of expanding my mind and broadening my horizons.    Why is it that some people just have this appetite for learning and seeing and doing, while others of us (me) are content to sit on the porch swing and watch the garden grow?

I want to be more like Joan, I think.  Is that even possible?


James said...

I know the cure for "slackerhood." Use lots of exclamation points!!!! and smiley icons. :):) and lips a kissing <3!!!! The least slacker person I know does all of this and more like crazy when she texts!!! she even winks ;);) and kisses!!!!

I think the Joan's of this world are great. Give me the Ann Cannon's, however. You, I can relate too.

!!!!!<3 <3 <3 ;);)

Lisa B. said...

I adore Ann Cannon because of the barbecue potato chips and Dr. pepper and TV watching AND the writing AND the running AND the garden and also how funny you are and how cute. Yay for the Joan's but HUZZAH for Ann Cannon!!!!!!!!

Lisa B. said...

(p.s. my iPad adde that apostrophe to the merely plural 'Joans', harrumph!)

Louise Plummer said...

Ken in a tuxedo--nice. What did you wear? This is important.