Monday, March 4, 2013

How to spend a day not writing

1.  Get up, full of determination to write
2.  Take a walk
3.  Take another walk
4.  Decide you can't think if your house is dirty
5.  Clean your house
6.  Look at your clock and realize you're supposed to be somewhere
7.  Turn a 2 hour commitment into 4 hours, because you decide to go to the library and to Target while you're at it
8.  Come home
9.  Answer your phone every time it rings
10.Text a couple of your sons
11. Watch the highlights of last night's Romney interview and reflect (depending on your politics) on how differently different folks will hear what they said--which is why silence sometimes is in everyone's best interest
12.  Eat some Brach's malted milk eggs
13.  Quite a few of them actually
14.  Look at the clock and realize it's 4:30

That's how you do it, folks.


Lisa B. said...

Minus the Brach's but multiplying the Target, I have spent a day not writing in exactly this way. Not writing is, in fact, my masterpiece.

Louise Plummer said...

And I'll bet you're exhausted.

Jeanna Stay said...

I will add to my personal list: Check blogger and read Ann Cannon's blog post. Then decide to post a reply. Thanks for helping me not write! :)