Monday, March 18, 2013

TRQ and Louise Plummer

If that headline didn't get your attention, I don't know what will . . .

Anyway, today's post was inspired by Louise wanting to know what I wore to Ken's fancy gala.  And the answer involves TRQ.

Backstory first.  Last week I read a very funny book called THE ROSIE PROJECT which is a romance told from the point of view of a man who has Asperger's.  I KNOW!  GOOD TIMES!  At any rate, he does realize he can't read social cues, and so he tries to find ways to compensate.  And as I read all that, a bell went off in my head and I went to myself, "SELF!  YOU HAVE FASHION ASPERGER'S!"

Because I do.

I am always asking Ken if things go together--certain fabrics and textures and styles.  I am good with color.  And also with the accessories.  But the rest of it is a mystery to me.  Why this?  And not that?  And how to people KNOW that you can blend these things but not these things.  It's like people who know how to harmonize without looking at the music.  HOW DO THEY KNOW?

So, like the hero of THE ROSIE PROJECT, I have found ways to compensate.  I keep the clothes super simple and I wear a helluva lot of black.  Because black is hard to mess up.  Although I have done it.

Enter TRQ.

As soon as she got word of the fancy schmancy, she began sweeping up from Provo, her arms laden with expensive clothes that she herself has worn over the years to events involving the coach.   She would even lay them out on my bed so I could see particular combinations.  And then she would STRONGLY suggest what she thought might work.

When she did this kind of stuff in the past, I resented it.  Deeply.  Doesn't my mother think I can dress myself, I'd think.  And the answer is "no."  She didn't.  And, actually, she was kind of right.

So.  After much swooping and laying-out-of-possible-combination-on-my-bed, I decided on a sparkly, beaded skirt and a black (surprise!) top.    She told me to buy black hose (I did) and to wear good shoes (I did) because, frankly, it doesn't matter what's going on in the middle so much if you've got the right shoes.  Also hair.

And I did, at least, have the right shoes.


Emily said...

You're right. The title DID get my attention. But coming out of this post, I'm begging you to post a picture of TRQ sanctioned outfit.

Louise Plummer said...

Okay, TRQ deserves her title. Black, sparkly,and patent leather: you can't lose. I like that idea of fashion asperger's. I think all of us have things we just don't see. Recipes blur in front of my eyes, and grocery stores give me hives.