Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Victoria's Secret . . .

. . . and the early sexualization of girls.

Yeah.  I'm writing a tiny column about that.  And, of course, it's a screed.  But I feel like screed-ing.
Still.  I think I oughta offer readers some suggestions for counter-acting what's happening, i.e. that childhood/girlhood is disappearing from today's landscape.

Any suggestions for dealing with all this?


Robin said...

I want to read this one. I'm seeing it affect 8 year olds, and my daughter will be that age in the fall.

Sorry on the lack of advise, I'll be looking to you for that.

Emily said...

Yes! This! Have you heard about the teenage girls' obsession with the thigh gap? Look it up. It's the new thing. I'm pretty sure the only people who have thigh gaps are the malnourished.

I'll be interested in this article I have a 15yo, 13yo, 7yo and 6yo girl living with me.

Amelia said...

I was hoping I would come and see lots of comments here of great ideas of how to combat this. I try and make my kids self aware, what is the point of a commercial? They want to sell you that thing. Why do people think you should wear those clothes? What does it all mean. But really, I'm just finding my way, just like everybody.