Thursday, March 21, 2013

Stuff I Used to Really Like that I Don't Like So Much Anymore

1.  Chris Matthews

2.  MSNBC in general, which now outfoxes Fox for mean-spirited, opinion-driven coverage

3.  Meg Ryan

4.  The book Little Women

5.  Possibly red velvet cupcakes

6.  Possibly George Clooney

7.  Although if George Clooney called and asked me to eat some red velvet cupcakes with him, I wouldn't say no

8.  Revenge

9.  Possibly Disneyland

10.  Although if George Clooney called and asked me to go to Disneyland with him, I wouldn't say no

11.  The Sound of Music

12.  Musicals in general

13.  Pizza

14.  Nike shoes

15.  New York City (sadly)

16.  Jay Leno

17.  Possibly the Philadelphia Eagles

18.  Although if George Clooney called and asked me to go to an Eagles game with him, I wouldn't say no

19.  The Hamish Macbeth novels (the last few anyway--still LOVE the earlier books)

20.  Epic fantasy

Sorry if I'm a buzz kill this morning.  I don't mean to be.  It's just that I'm really fond of making lists.  Except if they're "To Do" lists.


Vivian evans said...

Musicals? Seriously - some of those songs really help get you through the day i.e. "You're never fully dressed without a Smile", "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning".
Gag. But some aren't so bad.

Lisa B. said...

A few comments:

1. I never watched any of those news shows, because I hate all of them, regardless of slant. I like Rachel Maddow as a human concept, for instance, but if I watched her, I would hate her. I think Chris Matthews is a riot, but only because I never watch him.

2. Clooney is forever.

3. The Sound of Music? But what about Julie Andrews? And how military-sexy Chrisopher Plummer is? He had no business being that sexy in that movie. And singing nuns! Come on.

But I support, in general, your right to not like things as much as you used to. I find it impressive, as I cling to things that I probably should let go of. Such as chile verde enchiladas, which give me massive indigestion but which I nonetheless continue to order on a semi-regular basis.

Rachel said...

Clooney is done.

It does not give me joy to say it, but it's better for all of us if we tear the band-aid off and face reality.

Because I noticed at the Oscars that Clooney looked like George Lucas. GEORGE LUCAS! What happened?

Emily said...

I'm sad, very sad to say ANNE OF GREEN GABLES. I'm reading it aloud to my girls and it's lost its magic.

This list is both depressing and freeing.

Louise Plummer said...

This reminds me of Arlene Francis from WHAT'S MY LINE, who used to ask, "Are you part of the legitimate theater?"

Musicals are not legitimate theater.

Smarmy Marmee.

Anne said...


Erin said...

Why Sound of Music? Although the last time I watched it, the hubby feel asleep and I grew tired of all the singing. Still, when I have a cranky grumpy baby, I sing "doe a deer, a female deer" as I dance around the room and he ALWAYS laughs. So there!