Saturday, March 23, 2013


When I was growing up, Mormon churches had their own janitors.  Now members volunteer to clean on Saturday mornings.  I'm positive this was a cost-cutting move--and I feel for those individuals who were gradually eased out of employment.  Truly.  At the same time I think people feel more ownership when they have a little skin in the game.  It doesn't hurt a congregation to pick up after itself.


While I  was up at our church house this morning, being all industrious with fellow industrious ward members--cleaning!  vacuuming!  dusting!  sweeping!--I caught a glimpse of a picture of Jesus.  And it struck me that he was the still center in the middle of all this frenetic, swirling activity.

It surprises me sometimes that I still believe.  It always feels like there's ample opportunity not to believe, ample evidence that actively encourages disbelief.

But somehow I always come back to his image at the center of my own swirling.

Still still.

Still and always.


Alyosha said...

My family in Bangkok says that over there, the members who are on church welfare clean the church. Good in theory, maybe, but it seems a little elitist and even ends up being racial. I like having everyone clean.

cfarr said...

Beautifully said, Ann. So true.

Vivian evans said...

Amen, sister.

Lisa B. said...

me too, still.

Louise Plummer said...

It's hard to ignore Jesus. Impossible.

Bonnie White said...

Ann I read your blog; rarely comment but thank you for this post. I needed to consider this today.

wjmom said...

Amen and amen.