Monday, September 12, 2011

TV watching

Last week Lisa B. posted a nice bit about her TV watching regimen over at HTMS, and I now feel inspired to do the same. With the approaching TWILIGHT OF THE GODS WHEREIN EVERYBODY INCLUDING THOR AND ODIN DIE (otherwise known as the winter months), I need something to look forward to. Like programs! Here goes.

Monday: Thanks to Mystery Girl, I now watch Castle regularly and I like it. And then when it's fall I watch football until I kind of slump over in my seat and drool. Yay for slumping and drooling!

Tuesday: While I don't LOVE these shows, I watch the NCISs. I like the real one better than the fake L.A. one, but whatever. And then it's all about The Good Wife, which SADLY is moving to Sunday night. Dear Good Wife, first you leave your low-down cheating husband (who, nonetheless, is kind of sexy) and then you leave your Tuesday night slot. I can't take it. This will seriously interfere with my Sunday night football-related slumping and drooling. And no. I don't do DVR.

Wednesday: Modern Family. Love it so much. Especially Gloria. I hope the show stays good. Sometimes shows you love enough to marry don't stay good, I've noticed. And then you have to get a divorce.

Thursday: Really a great night, right? Among other things I watch Community, a little Parks and Recreation, some 30 Rock and The Mentalist because Ken likes it. I don't know how they're going to move forward with THAT one, however, as Jane pretty much gunned down Red John in a food court in last season's finale, thereby ruining lunch for a lot of innocent people.

Friday: Well. By Friday I don't watch TV unless there's a game on.

Saturday and Sunday: Guess what I'm doing.

Okay. I feel like I have something to look forward to, which is awesome. Thanks for listening.


Lisa B. said...

I have been re-watching The Good Wife episodes so that I can, y'know, prepare for the new ones, and last night I cried AGAIN when she told the kids. In conclusion, I cannot wait for this show to start again. In another conclusion, The Closer? Why is this not on your list? It's worth watching, I feel quite strongly about this. Plus, it's almost over, so you'll be able to watch the ENTIRE SHOW during the dark dark days of winter.

radagast said...

Oh, how they keep us waiting for the new shows! Have you noticed? It's like Christmas. We'll let you open Big Bang Theory this week, but no The Office until next. And, if you've been really really good all summer through, we'll give you a special full hour of Modern Family on their opening day. And, while I'm analogizing, both TV and Christmas are ways of flipping the figurative finger in the face of dark, dark, Norsified Winter. Which, come to think of it, only seems to make Him angry . . .

Jayne said...

Ditto on The Closer. Never thought to watch it till this summer and I really like the characters, which means I like the show. And it's been on a mighty 7 seasons and will then end later this year (and right now the reruns on TNT just started from the beginning (like we're on show #3 tomorrow at 1:00). Don't worry about the DVR (which I love though) because you can get ANY tv series you want at the library. The real one! If they don't have the show you want, the nice librarian will ORDER IT IN and you watch season after season at exactly the hour you want each evening. But really, I'm not too interested in TV.