Monday, September 12, 2011

Speaking of TV . . .

Son and I just had a Modern Family moment. Remember that episode where Claire goes nuts because Phil listens to everybody's suggestions (wedge salad! The Book Thief!) except for Claire's who also recommended wedge salad! The Book Thief!?

Well . . .

Son just called to say HE recommended Castle to me a long, long, long time ago, but perhaps I didn't pay attention until Mystery girl recommended it. And OF COURSE I would listen to Mystery Girl before I listened to him, because that's how families are--engaged in all kinds of non-listening.

Dear Son, I listen to you. Example: when it comes to shortcut advice, I listen to you. Not your father.

Case closed.


Alec said...

Feel free to ignore this advice. Don't watch Castle. It sucks.

BBB said...

My husband has recently told me that whenever he wants to get me to do something that I'm resisting or disagreeing with him about, he's going to go tell my dad to tell me to do it and he claims that's all it will take to get me to do whatever it is.

In defense I said, "Well, I have known my Dad for 32 years and you for six, so it's natural that I trust his opinion more."