Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Now there's a thought

So Ken and I always buy this knock-off Cetaphil product for skin-washing purposes, and right there on the front it says it's "non-comedogenic." WHAT DOES THAT MEAN IN REAL LIFE? Because, of course, in that fake life I'm always having in my head, it means "this skin cleanser is NOT hilarious." Which is sad. You should have plenty of stuff lying around the bathroom that makes you laugh, right?


Louise Plummer said...

I thought it meant come dog genes. So if it is non come dog genes, you don't have to worry about turning into a dog.

Keep using it.

radagast said...

The mirrors in my bathroom provide ample hilarity. AMPLE.

Becca said...

That is so funny. I totally remember the ad from like 1985 with two teenaged girls washing their faces with Noxema or something, and doing a crossword puzzle (because hey - two great things that go great together) and one says,
- what's a 14-letter word that means "doesn't clog pores"?
and the other says
- noncomedogenic
and the first says
- noncomedowhat?
That kind of riveting writing stays with a girl. Especially if 1985 was one of the formative years. Which apparently, it was for me.

Chunks said...

I've always wondered about that term, as well. Makes me laugh for some reason. You're the best!