Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Another Item to Add to the List

Now that I'm old, I have a list called "Behaviors to Avoid When I Get Even Older." I added another item yesterday.

I was taking Zora to the vet to get groomed (she looks like a poodle now btw--a big massive mutant poodle capable of invading Earth's major cities in a 50's Japanese horror movie) when I saw an elderly man standing on the street corner with his wife, flossing his teeth.

Okay. I am a MAJOR fan of excellent oral hygiene. Oral hygiene for all, I say! It's sort of a rallying cry for me--so much so that for years the only thing our parrot said whenever one of our boys walked through the kitchen was DID YOU BRUSH YOUR TEETH YET? But flossing in public is a big old NICHT.

Even if it's sweet the way you and your wife were standing there together on the street corner, being 85 years old.


Emily said...


Lisa B. said...

high on my version of that list is:

1. Do not become a crank.

which, frankly, I have always been at risk of becoming, even when I was a fresh young thing. But it might be getting worse.

James said...

My ancestry is from the British Isles, and I have the smile to prove it. So I am somewhat amazed that at 85 the old guy still has teeth to floss. Public flossing at 85, if I can do it, will be something for me to celebrate...maybe not.

LucindaF said...

I don't remember if I avoided the toothbrush as religiously as my boys do when I was young. Although, I do remember running out of the house and into the woods when words like, "bath" and "brush your hair," were used.

It's possible I've blocked my non-tooth-brushing days from mental recall.

I too, am a fan of oral hygiene. Infact, every week I make fluffy pom-poms out of toilet paper and go up and down the street doing oral hygiene cheers.

Louise Plummer said...

I don't like people to squirt things up their noses in my presence. Ever. I don't care if you are allergic. Take care of it at home.

My grandfather used to close a nostril with one finger and blow his nose into the street and THEN wipe his nose with a handkerchef. Aaugh.

candace said...

my dad keeps a string of floss in his shirt pocket--all of his shirt pockets. so as long as you're adding things to the list...

BBB said...

I am a list person. I have a list entitled: Entertaining Things I've Seen At Church. Some of my faves:
-Cat on a leash.
-The equivalent of 7-11 in the pew in front of us. I kid you not, they had every type of candy bar you can imagine.
-Picture a primary child drew for the cover of ward program. Bishopric missed the anatomically correct boy picture the child drew. It's not everyday you see a wiener on your ward program.