Friday, September 23, 2011

A phone thang

I noticed today that whenever the phone rings I start shouting I'LL GET IT! I'LL GET IT! I'LL GET IT! I immediately go into this crazy five-alarm-I'm-gonna-save-that-damn-house-from-burning-down-to-the-ground mode because you know how it is. That phone call is JUST SO IMPORTANT!

And besides I'm doing everyone a favor. I'm answering the phone so no one else in this house has to.

But here's the deal, which deal I just realized today when I nearly broke my neck getting to the phone whilst tripping over dogs and pillows. Here goes: I'm not doing anyone a favor because absolutely no one else who lives here bothers with the phone now. They're just all hey call me on my cell if you really want to chat.



Sara Z. said...

About time you had that particular insight. :)

Louise Plummer said...

Phones, cellphones: ugh.

Lisa B. said...

our house phones have been out of commission for quite some time and I'm all, why did we have that house phone anyhoo? I might call the phone company ON MY CELL but then again, I might not.