Monday, September 19, 2011

That game

Anyway my parents, my brothers, our spouses and I got together for the game Saturday.

I know.

Sometime during the third quarter I finally said, "Well, the good news is that my neighbor is dead." This was met with a second big helping of stunned silence--the first helping, of course, being the epic implosion of the boys in blue. So I had to explain that while I loved this neighbor and still miss him, especially at Christmas when he dressed up like Santa Claus and delivered jolly gifts to everyone, he totally brought the crazy when it came to loving the Utes. And when they beat us, he let me have it. Over and over and over. So it was like getting beat up twice by the Utes.

Oh, Old Neighbor. I wish with all my heart you still lived around the corner from me. But okay. I'm so so happy you weren't in church yesterday.


James said...

Here are three things I suppose about your neighbor:

1. He was not offended in the least about your comment;
2. He was happy with the outcome of the game; and
3. He may very well have been glad not be in church yesterday, too.

Its all good...except the outcome of the game.

CSIowa said...

My sister posted on Facebook footage of her 11-year-old son catching a pass at his first football game.

My Dear Cougars,

This is how you hold onto the ball. Shouldn't you be better than a 5th grader?

Love, The Fiercely Loyal but Gravely Concerned

wjmom said...

I had planned a family sick day today. I really did need the "mom" day, but the real highlight is that I did not have to be anywhere near the Church Office Building on the Monday after "The Game."

Lisa B. said...

ugh, is all I have to say. I am surrOUNded by Ute fans, and while I am not super invested in the game or its outcomes...although, come on, I am a Cougar, after all...still, there is nothing. NOTHING. more insufferable than a Ute fan.

Becca said...

I have now read this post out loud to everyone who comes into my house and retold it around the bonfire at last night's multi-family FHE.
(And did you see the Arby's sign? About the free turnovers if you take in your ticket stub?)
See, we know how to lick our wounds. That's a mark of Character, I'm sure of it.

LucindaF said...

Isn't there a religion or was it a fake one in a movie where you don't ever speak the name of a person who has died?

Definitely that game is the game that shall not be named. Rest in Peace, you stupid game. I'm sorry I will never bring flowers to your grave or even bother to drive by the cemetary on Memorial Day. And yes, that was me who tossed the biggest shovel-fulls of dirt on your casket. P.S. and also, I plugged my ears and didn't even mouth the words to, God be with you 'til we meet again.

A scourge and a hex on you, worst game ever,if I knew how to do that.

Denece said...

Church was great.

1/2 attendance. What?
Every speaker talked game.
My two favorite game references:
Fumbling through life if we don't...
Check out DC 54:10

The letters to the editor are still singing the game. Yesterday:
'booing the U gave them purpose,'s the fan's fault.'

Luckily we all remember a few years ago when the score was nearly reversed.

This too will pass