Friday, September 9, 2011


Actually, I've been trying hard not to watch/read anything about 9/11 because after all these years I still find the images and stories far too searing. However, I didn't feel like I could just give the subject a miss in my column this week. So here's what I wrote.

The paper decided to throw it up online early in order not to inundate readers with too many 9/11 stories all at once. So here we go.

The column.


Louise Plummer said...

"to think on the grace and goodness that we as a nation showed then and that we can choose to show always."
I love this ending.

Every year, I say I'm not going to watch the 9/11 debacle, but I always do. The emotional impact of seeing those airplanes hit the twin towers still shocks me. It's almost a physical pain.

Lisa B. said...

This is a beautiful piece. I remember a piece you wrote so many years ago for Parent Express, for the Fourth of July, that hit a similar, beautiful and melancholy note. They didn't want that note, as I recall, but that was a beautiful piece, too (you read it to me over the phone). I think you do that better than just about anyone.

hkgrobinson said...

I loved this column. I spent one short week working at the World Trade Center a long time ago. And yet I still feel its unnatural absence in my heart a little bit. And I remember 9/11/01 all to clearly as well, remember getting my first grader off to school, then stopping, then actually sending him, then wondering if I should have...
Thank you for the Mandela quote, too.

Donna said...

My heart aches for the families of those who died that day....such a profound and violent end.
We find ways to cope. I think of Captain Moroni, who is my William Wallace, who knows Zarahemnah wants to drink his blood, yet says there never was a happier time.
That is my goal to find that place in my soul.

Emily said...

Thank you for your column. One thing that I notice, since that day, is the way that we all--all of us together--experienced a change. You have pinned it well.

I remember that day too.

Mystery Girl said...

I did my best to not watch any footage but then hubby started watching that documentary on CBS about the NY fire fighters and the film makers who were making a documentary about one rookie fireman and inadvertently recorded ladder 7's rush to the WTC during the attacks. I had to leave the room - I couldn't listen to people die and I was still crying hours later.