Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Celebrity Peaches

Well, the peaches are on, and you know how much I LOVE fresh peaches. Or maybe you don't. But I do! So so so so much.

About the only person in the entire world who likes peaches as much as I do is my funny friend Sally, who went looking for peaches at the Bountiful Farmers' Market the other day. She met a vendor there who told her his peaches were so good that actual celebrities buy them.

Which celebrities, Sally asked him. She was hoping the answer would be "Jude Law." But it turned out the answer was "President Monson."

Okay. This story made me laugh.


Lisa B. said...

Have you not seen the President Monson star on Hollywood Blvd.?

Donna said...

Don't you love people? I love people...all of them.
My dad was the ultimate peach lover...I think people who love peaches actually trump all other fruit lovers.
I come to odd conclusions like that. My evidence is just anecdotal, not empirical.
Maybe we could rename the alberta peach the monson peach. Or the Ann Louise Peach.

James said...

I love peaches. I really like to sprinkle a little salt on the flesh of a peach. When flesh and salt hit the lips it is an explosion of flavor that transcends all other fuity experience. Try it, you'll like it.

BBB said...

Hilarious! I mean, the guy is pretty popular and well known around here.