Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sales clerks who intimidate

My mother told a funny story over lunch today about how she went to a yarn store recently to buy a stitch counter. She knew what she wanted, but she allowed the clerk to talk her into one she didn't want. So she waited until a day when he wasn't working so she could return it, because dude. She was kind of afraid of him and his forceful opinions about stitch counters.

My sister-in-law and I grabbed the table edges and GASPED because we have both been there--intimidated, nay BULLIED by sales clerks.

How can this be? Grownup, independent women cowed by clerks. Who knew?


Rachel said...

This happened to me in a quilt store with a pattern. Then I got home and examined it only to find it was a no-sew pattern. Blasphemous! Worst $12 ever spent.

Louise Plummer said...

Now I don't feel nearly so bad that I can be cowed by sales people.

I think it would help if we all arched our eyebrows in a superior manner.

shelley said...

I used to let that happen to me. But then I had kids. Somehow that turned me into a mama bear and money has become a wholly different commodity. I give the clerk a stern, but polite look, that says 'Just try to talk me out of my money - I dare you! Dude, I've got twins...'

Anna said...

That used to happen to me in our local hardware store with an older gentleman who was sure he knew more about my project than I did. It got so I would either engage another associate first IF I had a question, or I would make a beeline for my item and high-tail it to checkout. I love Louise's comment about arched eyebrows. Sigh. The English have annoyed expressions down to an art.