Thursday, September 22, 2011


Well, GAME ON is all I can say when it comes to Television Viewing right now. It's good to have TV friends back in the house.

In review--

Castle was okay. Obviously we all knew Kate wasn't going to die. We also knew Castle would declare his lurve. We probably also knew this would drive Kate to do a runner--which, okay. I get that a series thrives on sexual tension. I get that it's hard to make it last for SEASON AFTER SEASON AFTER SEASON. I get we're usually disappointed in the end when "it" happens (to wit: Sam and Diane, Maddie and David, Remington Steele and what's her name, Daphne and Niles).

Well, okay. Maybe not Daphne and Niles. Actually, I think we all had a hard time buying Daphne and Niles EVEN THOUGH I LOVED THEM BOTH.

But whatever. I'm starting to find Kate's inner wall thing kind of tedioso.

Didn't get to watch HAWAII 5-0, which is one of those shows where the actors bring more to the roles than the writing deserves. But whatever. The theme music is awesome. The scenery isn't half- bad.

Didn't get to watch any of the NCISs.

Did watch both Modern Family episodes last night and was not disappointed. (I'm waiting for it to turn into The Office, which I loved. Until I didn't.)

ALSO. Did watch Revenge by accident and oh people. I will be watching it again.

Tonight? I'll be turning into the Mentalist and Person of Interest starring that creepy guy from LOST and also the not creepy guy who played Jesus. Am popping the popcorn now.


radagast said...

Anyone else feel just a skosh disappointed in Modern Family? Were they trying too hard? Was I anticipating too much? Do I need a life?

Lisa B. said...

can I come over?

Louise Plummer said...

Castle was way too serious. I hate it when a show forgets what it's about--irony and humor in this case--and becomes gloomy and introspective.

Jim and Pam can be added to the list.

Mystery Girl said...

Add me to the I love 'Revenge' team. And Castle should be back to its less serious mode next week.

Kristen said...

Love Castle and The Mentalist! I agree, Castle needs to lighten back up and Kate needs to let her wall down a little.

Chunks said...

Castle's Kate and her eternal walls remind me of NCIS LA and Hetti's uncanny ability to be shot in seemingly every episode and be pretty much completely unphased. But, I do LOVE her character... what a wonderful actor! Modern Family was good but I felt like it was stretching a bit. I hope there's not an epic third season collapse a la Arrested Development. "Grampa said you lived in a closet for 20 years"... Brilliant! I'm really excited about Happy Endings. If you haven't seen it, you should check it out. There's a gay character on the show who is completely NOT the stereotypical gay guy portrayed in every media. Kind of fun to watch for that reason. The cast is awesome, too. I could go on and on... and I have. Love ya, Mom!