Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ten Things I Hate to Do

1. Go to Costco.
2. Go to Costco.
3. Go to Costco.
4. Go to Costco.
5. Go to Costco.
6. Go to Costco.
7. Go to Costco.
8. Go to Costco.
9. Go to Costco.
10.Go to Costco.

Obviously, I went to Costco today. Hopefully Q. appreciates that six-pack of soy milk I bought for him . . .


Andria said...

*snort* You make me laugh! Oh, and I totally talked you up in my community ed. creative writing class last night. So don't be surprised if 6 brand new readers show up. :)

Lisa B. said...

maybe I should come along to costco with you, to provide witty banter and company for all the tasty food samples. one time they were giving samples of like a bazillion different flavors of colosimo's sausage, which, I think I ate most of a pig by the time I was finished, y'know, sampling.

candace said...

the only thing worse than going to costco is going to costco 9 months pregnant during the lunch rush. ha ha. glad those days are over (now I just have to go with an infant...)!

Emily said...

Yes. Agreed. The worst part about Costco, for me, is coming home and trying to figure out where to put the three tons of food weighing down the back of my mini-van.

Chunks said...

Costco shmostco! If you want to experience hell, enter IKEA. Every time I go there I have the overwhelming sense that I'm like a member of a herd of cattle being lined up for the slaughter... only with crappy furniture as my reward instead of a bolt gun between the eyes.

LucindaF said...

But did you get one of those big fat ice cream bar things?
Someday I want to eat one of those.

Costco is a rip-off and reminds me of the kind of cult patronage Target elicits.

Marcia said...

I would hate it too, if I had to go to the Salt Lake Costco. Ogden Costco rules. It's way less busy because it's in the hood.

Dylan C. said...

I hate going to Costco more than anything...well, besides going to Walmart. At least at Costco, I don't have kids kicking me.