Friday, September 2, 2011

Everyone Sing

Happy Birthday to Queen Donna.

Whenever I start thinking the internet has ruined civilization as we know it, I remember Donna and how we would have never met without it.

Thank you, Al Gore.


Emily said...

I met Al Gore once (when he was VP). We were hiking in Tahoe and he was also hiking for a photo op (of course) and the secret service was ridiculous and made us all stand behind the tree line (there were about five of us).

We hollered at him, as people sometimes do in the presence of greatness, and he came over to shake our hands.

He was very stoic robotish and my brother, while shaking his hand, said, "I have all your albums."

And he said it with reverence and sincerity. AG didn't skip a beat,just kept shaking hands and smiling. Which made me think, maybe he does have some albums?

So there you have it, I've shaken the hand of the inventor of the interwebz. And...I have all his albums.

Chunks said...

"Bill and Al" sounds more like the title for some awesome movie where a couple numskulls travel back in time to finish a high school history presentation in order to save humanity than it does the names of men who acted as the leaders of the free world for awhile. Maybe there really isn't much in a name.