Saturday, September 24, 2011

Another Saturday!

Another column!


Louise Plummer said...

I love it when your grandmother storms into your columns. Beautiful.

Emily said...

So true. My garden looks extremely neglected. Every year I plant watermelons and every year it's just not 'quite warm enough.' I thought this year would be different when the watermelon overpowered the squash (I know) and twenty little baby watermelons strung in a line down the sidewalk.

Alas. We now have a watermelon graveyard. They were not even close.

I guess there's always next year.

Anna said...

There's a song by Stephanie Davis titled "Harvest Time" that goes right along with these sentiments. The best version to listen to is the one where she performs it live on Garrison Keillor's "Prairie Home Companion." My vegetable garden is looking rather down in the mouth now, but there are still some plants trying so hard to produce that I can't quite bear to yank them out yet, although in my heart I am DONE with them.