Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gratitude Journal

My son Geoff has been feeling kind of down lately, so I told him that as cheesy as it sounds, keeping a gratitude journal can be helpful, because the act of noticing the good things in your life helps rewire your outlook. So I bought him a notebook--a small one, though. And I told him I bought him a small one on purpose, because actually he doesn't have that much to be grateful for.

But whatever.

I'm a little down in the mouth, too, so I thought I'd start off my morning by listing a few of the things I'm grateful for. Thanks for indulging me.

1. Indians summers
2. Fresh peaches
3. Late roses
4. Neighbors who go to late night movies with us
5. Dogs
6. Even though the big one drools
7. The knowledge that there's always another good mystery to read
8. Warm days
9. My boys
10. Their father


radagast said...

Thanks for this, Ann. I worry about you when you don't post for a few days. I'm grateful for you and your writing and that you have at least 10 good things/people/dogs in your life. May you find many more.

Louise Plummer said...

A small notebook for Geoff, recognizing his suffering, makes you Mother of the Year in my book.

This list could be mine, except for the dogs. I pity anyone who lives outside Utah in September. It's glorious.

Bless, bless, Ann.

Lisa B. said...

these are great things to be grateful for. and I am grateful for you--truly truly grateful.

thinking about you and your family all the time.

James said...

Ten off the Top of head:
1. Family
2. Fatburger
3. Judges who listen to logic and make the right call and rule my way
4. Fresh Peaches(Ok I stole that one from you), but throw in a sprinkle of salt on the Peach and watch out
5. Football
6. Gyros
7. Johnny Cash
8. British TV shows
9. Date night
10. Reading what you write

candace said...

Just yesterday I saw a rose on my afternoon walk and thought how nice to see one so late. I also thought that if I were a rose I would want to be a late one too. Then I realized I named my daughter Rose(mary) and she definitely chose to come late too! So this is my long way of saying I am also grateful for late roses!!

Emma said...

I'm grateful for my Dad. He's all alone these days, an empty nester, and I wish he lived closer to me. He never gave up on us, even though he found himself looking at a life that he never imagined would be his. He has always been there for me, and I go to him all the time for advice and support and just to feel good about myself. He is always good at making me feel better about myself, and I'm grateful for that.

You are pretty dang awesome in my book too. Thanks.

Donna said...

excuse me?
11. Donna

did you forget Donna as something to be grateful for?

we won't let that happen again, right?

Donna said...

things I am grateful for
1. salty women
2. nuts, all kinds of nuts, except those big meaty to be a real nut
3. People who make mistakes, I grade myself better when I realize other people are late with stuff, forget stuff and swear
4. football, always, football
5. I am grateful my husband planted a million pumpkin seeds in front of my house so everyone can ask me what in the world those vines are?
6. I am grateful I can email my friends with a request to fix my computer and someone will respond
7. I am grateful someone brings my goofy dogs home every time they wonder away.
8. 25% off one regular item at Deseret Book. I am jonesing for those Isaiah tapes.
10. Answers to prayers....even if it takes forever/
11. Ann Louise

Chunks said...

My list would, of course, include you, Moms. I'm sorry that you've been feeling down. I think when I'm down, my favorite thing to do is go to a little corner in my house, pull out an ice cold drink of whatever, and draw. Drawing just makes me happy and now I get to do it for a living. Can't ask for much else, I guess... other than the happiness and health of my loved ones. Be good to yourself, Mom. You're absolutely wonderful.

Melody said...

I don't worry about you when you don't post. Mostly because I'm a bit sporadic in the blog-visit realm. So I don't know if you haven't posted for a while. (Does that sound rude?)

But when I do visit here, I am always, always happier. And more hopeful. Even when you post something sad. I have no explanation for this. So, welcome to today's list, Ms. Cannon.

2. Walnut trees that umbrella my entire front yard. Neighbors and family gather there all summer in the shade.
3. Pretzels and Nutella
4. Technology savvy offspring.
5. Late roses. (Who knew they were so popular.)

Geeoff said...

Thank you for feeling obligated to tell the world about your son's "downness."